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International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer - Date: 11/29/2010
Conference Announcement / Call for papers

International Conference on Stem Cells and
Cancer (ICSCC-2010)
11 to 14 December 2010
Pune, India

This 4-Day conference will encompass all areas
in stem cells and cancer research including
basic research on proliferation, differentiation
and apoptosis of stem and cancer cells, and
applied and clinical aspects including stem cell
therapy and gene therapy. December weather is
very pleasant in Pune region.

Online Registration at:

Abstracts deadline: 31 August 2010.

Some of the prominent speakers:

1. Prof. Stefan Bohlander, Klinikum Grosshadern,
University of Munich, Germany.
2. Prof. Christian Buske, Institute of
Experimental Cancer Research University of Ulm,
3. Prof. Arun Dharmarajan, School of Anatomy &
Human Biology, University of Western Australia.
4. Prof. Dirk Eick, Institute of Clinical
Molecular Biology and Tumor Genetics, Helmholtz
Zentrum, Munich, Germany.
5. Prof. John Eriksson, Turku Centre for
Biotechnology, Turku, Finland
6. Prof. Doug Green, St. Jude Children's
Research Hospital, Memphis, USA
7. Prof. W. Hiddemann, Klinikum Grosshadern,
University of Munich, Germany.
8. Prof. Ronald Hoffman, Mount Sinai School of
Medicine, New York, USA
9. Prof. Atsushi Iwama, Chiba University School
of Medicine, Chiba, Japan
10. Prof. Sirpa Jalkanen, National Network for
Molecular Medicine, Finland.
11. Prof. Petra Knaus, Institute for
Biochemistry, FU Berlin, Germany
12. Prof. Hans Kolb, Klinikum Grosshadern,
University of Munich, Germany.
13. Prof. Michael Linden, King's College London
School of Medicine, London, UK
14. Prof. Lucio Miele, UMMC Cancer Institute,
Jackson, USA
15. Prof. Vivek Mittal, Weill Cornell Medical
College, Cornell University, New York, USA
16. Prof. Claus Nerlov, Tissue Stem Cell
Genetics, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine,
Edinburgh, UK
17. Prof. Harinder Singh, Department of
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, University
of Chicago, Chicago, USA
18. Prof. K. Somasundaram, IISc, Bangalore, India
19. Dr. Anil Suri, National Institute of
Immunology (NII), New Delhi, India
20. Prof. Dong-Er Zhang, UCSD Cancer Center, San
Diego, USA

Prof. Sheo Mohan Singh, Pune, India

Prof. Christian Buske, Ulm, Germany
Dr. Gopal Kundu, NCCS, Pune, India

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